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Shaw Festival 2007 Comments and Reviews-Mack and Mabel
  steve  2007-05-07 05:15   The Shaw brochure tells us: " A musical about the movies! The love story of an irascible genius and his brilliant protégée! An exposé of the clash between art and commerce! Mack and Mabel is all of the above, woven together in whirling, kinetic style. We careen from the early days of two-reelers in a tatty New York studio, where Mack Sennett and his creative “family” strike gold with the discovery of young comedienne Mabel Normand, to the heady days of champagne and success with the Keystone Cops in L.A. – and to the inevitable downside of that success."

Will you like this play? Professional reviews are available online and in the media once the show is officially open. However, in our experience, many critics often write reviews that do not match at all with the reaction of our guests.

So, for a more candid reaction, we are asking for comments and reviews from the people who visit us! Jane and I go to all the plays and we will post as soon as we have attended. You too can post your overall rating about the play on a scale of 0 to 4 stars, along with any comments you may have.

Visit the Mack and Mabel Shaw page for information and the play schedule.