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Shaw Festival 2006 Comments and Reviews-The Magic Fire
  steve  2006-07-29 13:27   “A drama inside a big comedy" states the Shaw Brochure about this Lillian Groag play. "Buenos Aires, the “Paris of the South,” a beautiful city full of Europeans fled from various political regimes, home to the Berg family. A vibrant mix of Viennese and Italian backgrounds, the Bergs are steeped in opera, wine, food, theatre and history, all debated at full voice and top speed, with increasing relish and a great flair for the dramatic!"

Will you like this play? Professional reviews are available online and in the media once the show is officially open. However, in our experience, many critics often write reviews that do not match at all with the reaction of our guests.

So, for a more candid reaction, we are asking for comments and reviews from the people who visit us! Jane and I go to all the plays and we will post as soon as we have attended. You too can post your overall rating about the play on a scale of 0 to 4 stars, along with any comments you may have.

Visit the The Magic Fire Shaw page for information and the play schedule.
The Magic Fire is Magical and Fiery
<  2  & We had no real expectations, as we were unfamiliar with play. However, just having returned from South America and Buenos Aires, we were tantalized by the subject. The set and production were first rate, but I am not big on narrators as to me, they always seem cumbersome and in the way.

However, there was some excellent performances capped by Jennifer Phipps as an extraordinary grandmother. All in all, a favourite with our guests and not to be missed. We give it a 3 plus out of 4.

Top performance
M  2  & Outstanding, tops, most enjoyable in years, Shaw at its best.