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Shaw Festival 2006 Comments, Reviews-Too True To Be Good
  steve  2006-06-23 13:54   Too True To Be Good, as the Shaw brochure says, is a "...truly fantastical treat! Any play the sets the scene in a classically beautiful upper-middle-class bedroom inhabited by a classically beautiful upper-middle-class girl, then starts the action with a distressed microbe in human form bemoaning his fate, is surely asking you to check your assumptions at the door!"

Will you like this play? Professional reviews are available online and in the media once the show is officially open. However, in our experience, many critics often write reviews that do not match at all with the reaction of our guests.

So, for a more candid reaction, we are asking for comments and reviews from the people who visit us! Jane and I go to all the plays and we will post as soon as we have attended. You too can post your overall rating about the play on a scale of 0 to 4 stars, along with any comments you may have.

Visit the Too True To Be Good Shaw page for information and the play schedule.
Quirky but good quirky!
<  2  & This was Shaw at it's quirkiest! The first act is weird fantasy. The second act, with the interplay between Colonel Tallboys and Private Meek, was hilarious and a great example of Shaw poking fun at military pomp and procedure. Jane stayed for the third act (I had some commitment) and she says it pulled everything together. Overall, we found the production very good. It will suit someone who doesn't need to find some direct message (or plot?) from every theatrical experience. Jane and I differ somewhat on this one. I have it as 3 out or 4 and Jane has it as 3.5 out or 4.

A bit talky
M  2  & Strong, very talky, Shaw lecturing. First act best, second act second best, third act unnecessary.