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Shaw Festival 2006 Comments, Reviews -Arms and the Man
  steve  2006-04-22 10:04   The Shaw brochure writes; "One of Shaw's most entertaining, deftly written comedies...we witness Shaw's skewering of militarism, heroism, middle-class pretensions...showing us that even the most deluded or foolish have honest feelings and desires."

Will you like this play? Professional reviews are available online and in the media once the show is officially open. However, in our experience, many critics often write reviews that do not match at all with the reaction of our guests.

So, for a more candid reaction, we are asking for comments and reviews from the people who visit us! Jane and I go to all the plays and we will post as soon as we have attended. You too can post your overall rating about the play on a scale of 0 to 4 stars, along with any comments you may have.

Visit the Arms and the Man Shaw page for information and the play schedule.
A frothy and fun production!
<  2  & Jane and I went to the Arms and the Man and found it to be interesting different from many Shaw productions. First of all, it was significantly shorter. It was also much funnier than many Shaw productions.
Jackie Maxwell's direction I think reflected Shaw's own concerns that the play was not taken seriously enough by audiences...they just found it a good laugh. She chose a campy, somewhat over the top presentation and we really enjoyed it.
The casting was bang on and the performances were superb. We give it a 3.5 out of 4.

Arms and the Man
K  2  & Thoroughly enjoyed this production. It was hugely entertaining and a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon. We highly recommend it.

This was the fourth play we
P  2  & This was the fourth play we saw over the weekend and one of our group rated it most highly. While I love seeing most of the actors in other roles, overall I felt the play was just too 'campy'. Is this truly a comedy? If so, it was acceptable. If not, why bother with all the stagy, foolishness. The costumes were just this side of hideous with the 'Shaw' points diminished by the pretentiousness of the production. Even the Bulgarians might find this demeaning.