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Shaw Festival's "Gypsy" creates controversy
  steve  2005-05-14 06:37   Isn't it quite incredible that a musical set about 80 years ago can create enough controversy to keep a couple of cocktail parties going?

First of all, Shaw struggled for many years with the notion of a musical on the main stage (all the while producing some gems on the smaller stages). A contorted defense of this policy included the notion that "musicals were not real theatre". This flew in the face of an audience that was gobbling up musicals in Toronto and Stratford. Finally, a main stage musical at Shaw and a very good one at that.

Gypsy was done in a style that you would expect from Shaw. A style that accentuates superior acting, professional production and good story telling. This leads to the second controversy. Some of the reviewers, while generally complimentary, seem to expect a huge spectacle-type production with a tendency for loud singing and poor acting. Fortunately, a couple of these reviewers have an almost perfect record of putting down plays that audiences love.

Forget that nonsense. This is a must see. Visit the Shaw Festival website for information and tickets. Let "it" Entertain You!
My thoughts on Gypsy
<  2  & Gypsy was amazing. Mama Rose was perfect. I have seen her in several other productions, but this was the best yet. She had the perfect balance between pushy and loving. Thsi is the second Gypsy I have seen on stage and this was heads & shoulders above the other production I saw in Cleveland, Ohio. That is why I make it a must each year to see shows at Shaw. They are so wonderful.