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The Manor & Rooms
We have several sections here with lots of information about Lakewinds. Of course, if you need know more, please do not hesitate to call or to email with your questions.

In our Rooms and Suites section we have pictures, descriptions and rates ranges for each of our rooms. Each room is uniquely styled and are especially romantic. By checking our availability online in the Reservations section, you can make sure the room you like is open during your projected visit.

In the Common Areas and Tour the Grounds sections, you can get a sense that there is lots of space, inside and out, for you to enjoy Lakewinds.

Our Garden Close-Ups gives a feel for the many types of flowers that we have on our property. A delightful article The Gardens of Lakewinds gives another view of the Lakewinds exterior. And lastly, you will find a writeup on the Historical Background of Lakewinds Country Manor.

Bed & Breakfast Accommodation
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